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Metropolitan Auto Leasing & Loan

Metropolitan Auto Leasing & Loan

In the past, buying or leasing a car at an auto dealer in Long Island and Staten Island, New York was an experience with mixed reviews. Buying or leasing a new vehicle is suppose to be an enjoyable experience, but more often then not it’s about haggling over price and a constant concern that you are going to be ripped off. Our goal is to change that experience and introduce you to a new way of buying or leasing your next vehicle.

We are simply 2 local guys with years of experience in the automotive industry. Our main goal at Metro Auto Leasing is to take our expertise and knowledge of the car leasing/buying process and make it one that is pressure free, cost effective, efficient and professional.

We take you through the sales process from consulting on your vehicles of choice, including options and accessories, assisting you on the financial terms, down payment, credit application and binding insurance.

At Metropolitan Auto Leasing & Consulting we offer door-to-door service. Making the process so seamless that you don’t even have to visit a dealership. We serve the greater NY tri-state area and are ready to earn your business.

Whether you live in Bronx, Queens or Brooklyn, New York please give us the opportunity to be your automotive buying concierge service and become part of the Metropolitan Auto Leasing, Buying & Consulting Family. If you are interested in auto leasing or loan but you have poor credit, contact your local New York auto leasing & loans for more information today!

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